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MULTI-BOOT Group Project



Working together - from this Wiki


There are several operating systems people have to use today to do their production work - esp. if involved in higher-end IT support. My project is to establish multiboot systems as the norm, with a shared data drive at the end of the chain that is available to all OS partitions. The idea is a fairly simple, even obvious one, & is hosted on DELL's DellIdeaStorm site. Someone out there is going to adopt it as a key feature, making life easier for many more people ! Those of us who have 'em - ( multiboot systems ), have had to build 'em ourselves - with all that entails - of extensive hardware & software research. But it needn't remain an enthusiasts' form of hobbyism. It can lead to all sorts of creative understanding - and new skills to boot, making people more productive, & very knowlegeable too.


Group members


  • anyone from the Red Hat Linux OS devt fraternity ?
  • anyone from the Debian OS devt fraternity ?
  • anyone from the SUN Solaris OS devt fraternity ?
  • anyone from the BDS/Apple Mac OS/X devt fraternity ?
  • anyone from the Microsoft OS devt fraternity ?




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Source NamePage #Quote
Encyclopedia of Stars44, 46"The stars are the heavens"




When should we meet?

WhoWhen I can meet
JesseM-F, 8am-5pm
ChrisAnytime after 2pm
DanaSaturday, 5pm
PatSunday, 4pm-8pm



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