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on March 22, 2006 at 3:28:11 pm

"This is the Christmas Jim Allchin stole from the hardware industry. We're stealing it back."




Coming to Seattle in May for that other hardware conference?


On your way out, don't just cry in your beer about ruined Christmases -- stay for the hardware unconference where you're in charge.


Instead of telling you to "get prepared" for a software vendor's surprises, FreedomHEC makes you a first-class citizen of the platform.


Forget "There's no mass Linux market!" vs. "There's not enough hardware support!" The chicken/egg dilemma is over. The chickens are busting out.




Who: Hardware engineers and driver developers


What: High-intensity learning, networking and empowerment unconference


Where: Seattle, Washington, USA


When: May 26-27, 2006


Why: Take control of your own destiny and make your hardware valuable to the growing Linux market.




Who's Who at FreedomHEC


(add yourself!)


Greg Kroah-Hartman -- device driver educator


Greg K-H is the maintainer for Linux subsystems including the driver core, sysfs, kobject, kref, and debugfs code. He also helped start the linux-hotplug and udev projects, and is one half of the kernel stable maintainer team. He works for SuSE Labs / Novell and does various kernel related things for them. Greg is co-author of the book \"Linux Device Drivers, 3rd Edition\" and a contributing editor for Linux Journal.



Don Marti -- power strip untangler and manager of miscellaneous


Don Marti has been an organizer of events including Burn All GIFs Day and the "Free Dmitry" movement. As a boy, he ran away from home and joined the trade show.


Contact Don at: dmarti@zgp.org or 510-332-1587



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