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FreedomHEC 2006: May 26-27, 2006.


FreedomHEC is free of charge to all who register here on the Wiki. To register, just visit the Who's Who page and edit the page to add yourself. Please feel free to add your top device driver questions to the Wiki, too. See you in Seattle.


FreedomHEC is also open and free of charge to all WinHEC attendees. As long as there's space, nobody will be turned away, but please sign up here on the Wiki so that we can get an accurate count and plan food and beverages. We will be serving breakfast and lunch.


Our venue is a deluxe 75th-floor conference center with an official dress code of "business casual". ( Dress Code page ) Don Marti checked in with Jacques in the Catering department and he asks us to communicate that to our participants, but no one will be turned away for showing up dressed out of compliance.

Yes, please add your name and contact info if you are just planning to attend and learn. We'd be happy to get questions and suggested topic from you on this Wiki, too.


automotive forum

What's new at FreedomHEC


FreedomHEC participant Greg K-H has assembled the Linux Device Driver Kit based on the latest stable kernel. Linux DDK CDs will be available free of charge to all FreedomHEC participants.


See "Calendar" below for schedule info.


We have a venue, in lovely downtown Seattle, convenient to public transportation and lodging. Thanks to Pogo Linux Inc., our hosting sponsor.



Who's who at FreedomHEC


See the Who's Who page for names, contact info, and interests -- and add yourself, too.


About FreedomHEC


Coming to Seattle in May for that other hardware conference? On your way out, stay for the hardware unconference where you'll learn how easy it is to make your hardware compatible with free, open source operating systems such as Linux, and available to new markets such as servers, next-generation entertainment devices, and more.


Get answers on everything from kernel data structures to the fine points of licensing. Discover how participating in the Linux process is fast and simple, how the development process works, and where to get started.


To attend, edit this wiki and add your name. (The wiki password is: freedom)


Who: Hardware engineers and driver developers


What: High-intensity learning, networking and taking-back-the-PC-industry unconference


Where: 701 Fifth Avenue Seattle, WA  98104


When: May 26-27, 2006, starting at 9am on the 26th.


Why: Take control of your own destiny and make your hardware valuable to the growing Linux market.




We'll plan to open up on the 26th for coffee, Continental breakfast, and meet-and-greet at 9am, then do a conference introduction and put the schedule on the whiteboard at 9:30, then get started with the first session at 10am. On the 27th, we'll get started around the same time.


Remember, it's an "unconference", so the final schedule is up to you and the other participants. Bring your questions and suggested topics.


What you can expect to get out of FreedomHEC


  • Understand the Linux kernel development process and learn how it differs from the "traditional" operating system driver development process.
  • Learn how to become part of the Linux kernel development community.
  • Learn how to port any existing code to the Linux kernel
  • Learn various technical bits about different parts of the Linux kernel (SCSI layer? Driver core? sysfs? USB? PCI? Network driver layer? Anything else anyone wants to learn about?)
  • learn how to properly submit code and get it accepted into the main kernel tree.
  • learn how an individual company can directly influence the development of the areas surrounding their product. For example, they can add new features to the SCSI core if they need them, and they don't have to rely on any other company to do the work for them, as long as they work with the community.
  • Realize that Linux kernel developers are easy to approach, and work directly with, no management levels are present to slow things down.citation

And of course:

  • a fun time.




(Please add yourself to the list above. Include an email address if you would like us to contact you with any updates before FreedomHEC.)


Top questions


If I create a file in /sys, what should I call it? *See the talk on "sysfs 101" for answers to this.*


What is the current state of Linux USB device drivers? Could someone give a tutioral or demo on how to create a Linux USB driver for a new device? *See the "write a real working Linux driver" tutorial linked below.*


Proposed Talks


Write a real working Linux driver


Introduction to the Linux kernel development process


Linux Kernel social engineering


Why Linux can help Make Windows Sales (and Vice Versa)


sysfs 101, where everything is, and what it is for


Tuning a Linux kernel for various embedded hardware


Cross-platform kernel and device driver development (x86 -> ARM)


Thanks to our Sponsors


Pogo Linux


Pogo Linux Inc., makers of the new Verona 220 dual-core workstation, will be sponsoring our conference facility in downtown Seattle.


No Starch Press


No Starch Press is publisher of the new Write Great Code by Randall Hyde.




LWN provides pc on tv software comprehensive coverage of development, legal, commercial, and security issues for the free software community.




APJRF RSS Syndication technoligies. Custom RSS and XML solutions.


Linux Journal


Linux Journal is the monthly magazine of the Linux community.





SpikeSource provides business-ready open source infrastructure, with interoperability testing of complete applications and infrastructure stacks in a production environment.├ęchange de liens google


FreedomHEC in the News











Media, potential sponsors, questions: please mail Don Marti at dmarti@zgp.org or call +1 510-332-1587.



To register to attend, just add your name and contact info to the page: Who%27s%20Who Knowledge Base


To contribute to this wiki, you'll need the password, which is: freedom




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